Sunday, 16 September 2007

Cedar Pride Dive Site - Scuba Diving In Aqaba

The Cedar Pride is one of only a few wreck dives located in the waters off the coast of Aqaba in Jordan.

The ship itself was originally a Lebanese freighter, which suffered extensive damage during a fire in the Port of Aqaba in 1982. Following a request by King Hussein of Jordan, the ship was sunk in 1985 for the purpose of becoming an artificial reef for scuba diving. The 80 metre long freighter now lies on its port side, in water ranging from 10 metres down to around 28 metres at it's deepest point.

The Cedar Pride is best dived on the seeward side, where divers are able to view the decks of the freighter, although the high point of diving the Cedar Pride is undoubtedly the Crows Nest, which has gradually become encrusted with a range of hard and soft corals over time.

For more information on the Cedar Pride dive site, or for more information on scuba diving in Aqaba, feel free to visit the web site.