Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Scuba Diving In Hurghada In The Red Sea

The Red Sea resort of Hurghada is one of the regions most rapidly expanding tourist destinations, and an increasingly popular destination for scuba divers wishing to go scuba diving in the Red Sea. Superb coral and marine life, coupled with some of the most interesting wrecks in the Red Sea have made Hurghada into one of scuba divings key tourist destinations in recent years.

The scuba diving in Hurghada is of a high standard, with good dive sites throughout the region including the wrecks of the Giannis D and the Carnatic, both of which can be found in the shallower waters off the coast of Hurghada. Further south, the dive sites around Carless Reef and Abu Ramada (The Aquarium) are also of the highest standard, and although their more exposed nature makes them susceptible to the elements, the experience here can be truely fantastic.

The water temperatures in Hurghada are relatively warm, especially in the warmer summer months, when the average water temperature is around 26-27 degrees. This does tend to dip somewhat in the cooler winter period, when the water temperature will fall to around 20-22 degrees.

The marine life on the dive sites in Hurghada, as with most Red Sea dive sites, extensive. A vast array of reef fish can be found throughout, with a large population of pelagic marine life also being found in the region. Throughout the dive sites in Hurghada can also be found numerous species of shark, and grey, whitetip and even oceanic whitetips are regularly sighted here.
Today, there is a developed, and rapidly expanding scuba industry in the region, and at last count there were estimated to be over 70 dive centres in Hurghada itself. The vast majority of these are well equipped, and will offer access to the major dive sites in the waters surrounding Hurghada as well as the sites further afield including the Thistlegorm Wreck and the Dunraven.
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