Thursday, 26 July 2007

Worlds Best Dive Sites #3 - Thistlegorm Wreck In Egypt

A truely legendary dive site, the Thistlegorm wreck has everything that a wreck diver would look for. Lots of life, interesting cargo in and around the wreck itself, and more importantly, a story that surrounds the legendary wreck itself.

On 6th October, 1941, the SS Thistlegorm was carrying a full load of cargo including motorbikes, lorries, uniforms and other supplies when it was spotted by a German plane. Subsequently, two German bombers were dispatched to the area where the Thistlegorm was spotted, they found it, and subsequently sank it. The Thistlegorm wreck now lies in approximately 30 metres of water, in the northern most part of the Red Sea, off the west coast of the Sinai Peninsula.

Today, large numbers of scuba divers visit the Thistlegorm wreck each day, to marvel at the cargo strew around the sea bed near the hull, and then to slowly penetrate the wreck itself, where much of the original cargo still can be found.

Despite the large numbers of scuba divers visiting the wreck of the Thistlegorm, there is a good amount of marine life in and around the wreck, and you are likely to encounter large numbers of jacks, snappers and barracuda around the wreck of the Thistlegorm.

Overall, the Thistlegorm is definately worth a visit and the long trip out to the wreck by boat, the majority of which leave from Sharm El Sheikh early in the morning. Do expect to pay extra for the long distance out to the wreck, however after you've done your two dives, your memories of the Thistlegorm Wreck itself will stay long in your thoughts, not the few extra dollars you paid to get there. If you would like more information on diving in the Red Sea, or Red Sea liveaboards, why not visit the Scubaworld website, which covers all aspects of diving in the Red Sea in detail.