Thursday, 26 July 2007

Worlds Best Dive Sites - Baja Alcyone In Cocos

Baja Alcyone was originally made famous by that diving luminary, Jacques Cousteau. Located in the Cocos Islands, Baja Alcyone is a large seamount, which attracts huge amounts of sealife to it. Often subject to very strong currents, Baja Alcyone is not necessarily the dive site for the beginner, however given the large numbers of marine life around the mount, it should be high on the dream dive list for any discerning scuba diver. Marine life regularly sighted around Baja Alcyone include whale sharks, mobula rays, dolphins, scalloped hammerheads and manta rays.

Cocos offers some of the best scuba diving sites available, and due to the difficulty in getting there, you're not going to be surrounded by large amounts of scuba divers. Baja Alcyone is undoubtedly an awesome dive site, however it is paricularly noted for the large numbers, and wide varieties of sharks which frequent the area.

If you are looking for that more unique experience in your scuba diving holidays, Baja Alcyone could well be the option for you.