Sunday, 29 July 2007

Worlds Best Dive Sites - The Blue Hole In Belize

When scuba diving in Belize, without doubt the main attraction for divers is the opportunity to visit the Blue Hole of Belize. A part of the Lighthouse Reef coral reef, the Blue Hole is located approximately 60 miles off the coast at Belize City, and thought by many to be one of the worlds best dive sites.

Measuring over 350 metres across, and almost 480 feet in depth, the Belize is almost perfectly circual in its circumference. Surrounded by shallow reef and bright blue, crystal clear water, the centre of the hole is a dark blue, giving the hole its famous name. The diving at the Blue Hole is a unique experience, with all aspects of it differing from the usual experiences of diving on coral atolls.

Dives begin from the boats above the shallow sand slopes on the edge of the whole, and it is from here that you begin your rapid descent into the depths below. From the edge of the hole, the sandy slopes are replaced by sheer limestone walls which fall away into the depths below. Once you have reached your maximum depth, the slow ascent begins through the myriad of stalactites which surround the edges of the Blue Hole.

Due to the extreme depths of the Blue Hole, there is not necessarily a large amount of coral growth or marine life to be seen on the dive, however there is the opportunity to see some of the large (Bull, Hammerhead, Lemon and Reef) sharks which inhabit the Blue Hole.

Overall, the Blue Hole in Belize is a truely unique dive, which is well worth of its fame and notoriety. If you are looking to go scuba diving in Belize, then it is worth the long trip out to the Blue Hole