Thursday, 15 November 2007

Dominica - A Scuba divers paradise.

Located at the Northern end of the Lesser Antilles chain of islands lies the beautiful island of Dominica. A landscape and geography sculpted by the islands volcanic past, have now created a stunning and picturesque landscape both above and below the water. The beautiful, rugged landscape above the water is mirrored by Dominica’s underwater paradise of stunning corals and rich levels of marine, which have thrived due to the extensive conservation efforts in the region.

The scuba diving in Dominica is split into two main regions at the northern and southern tips of the island, both of which hold protected marine reserve status. At the northern tip of Dominica lies the Cabrits Marine Reserve, 1053 acres of coral, sponges and stunning marine life. The diving in Cabrits Marine Reserve is characterised by the wealth of swim throughs, caves and volcanic vents which can be found throughout the area. There are over 20 dive sites to be explored in Cabrits Marine Reserve, including Sharks Mouth, Sunshine Reef and Pole to Pole. However, the most popular dive site in the area is widely acknowledged to be the stunning Toucari Caves, and beautiful reef and cave dive site, and one definitely worth visiting on any diving holiday in Dominica.

The majority of the scuba diving in Dominica takes place on the south of the island, and is focused around the Soufriere Scotts Head Marine Reserve. This large bay, which is centred on the expanse of water around the villages of Anse Bateau, Scotts Head and Soufriere, offers excellent diving and visibility, and has attracted large numbers of scuba divers to Dominica for many years. Inside Soufriere Scotts Head Marine Reserve, the bay offers diving around large pinnacles which raise up from the depths below, surrounded by the rising columns of air bubbles, a legacy of the regions volcanic past.

The climate in Dominica is tropical, and the extreme heat is controlled by the trade winds that breeze through the Caribbean region. As such, there are only slight variations in the temperatures in Dominica, although it is best to avoid the rainy season which is here from late June through to October.

Dominica holds many opportunities for activity and adventure both above and below the water, and many divers have ranked the waters off the coast of Dominica as some of the best scuba diving in the Caribbean.