Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Specialist Scuba Diving Resorts

Without exception, every day we recieve emails from our users asking us where would we recommend to go on a diving holiday, and do we know of any specialist scuba diving resorts in the area? As a result of this, we will very shortly be launching our new Scuba diving holidays centre on the main web site. This will provide users with details of specialist scuba diving resorts in specific locations.

The past few years have seen huge changes throughout the travel industry as a whole, and this has undoubtedly had a large knock-on effect on the way in which people plan their scuba diving holidays, essentially dividing the market into two major groups.

The first group are those divers who are looking for a complete package to be provided for them, including the accomodation, the flights to the destination as well as the diving. This market is catered for exceptionally well by a small number of specialist tour operators who provide good value for money across the package as a whole. This option makes particular sense for larger groups, or for those who are looking at more specialist diving holidays such as a liveaboard holiday, where local market knowledge can prove instrumental in the making of a good holiday.

The second group of divers are those who are looking to package the holiday themselves. These individuals tend to use the internet to identify specific diving resorts at which they would like to stay, whilst making their own travel and transport arrangements. They prefer to deal directly with the diving resorts themselves, and arranging their diving either directly with the resorts themselves, or when they arrive at the destination.

Through our new scuba diving holidays channel, we aim to offer solutions across both. We will be working with some of the largest names in the scuba diving travel industry, as well as working with some of the smaller, and more unique scuba diving resorts throughout the world.

Our process is simple. Once you have found the destination or resort that you are interested in visiting, all you have to do is to fill in the simple information form, identifying where you would like to stay and for how long. This information is then passed onto the relevant tour operator or resort who will contact you at a time of your convenience to discuss things in greater detail.

We feel that booking a diving holiday is very different from a normal holiday and we hope that the scuba diving holiday centre will help you find the best diving holidays for you and your friends!