Monday, 12 November 2007

Protea Banks - Scuba diving in South Africa

The Protea Banks are ranked amongst the best dive sites in South Africa, and offer one of the best opportunities for scuba divers looking to dive with a wide variety of species of shark.

Located only 5 miles off the coast of Margate in Kwazulu Natal, the Protea Banks are in fact a large, exposed reef where depths average around 30-40 metres, and the visibility can range anywhere between 3m up to 20 metres. Protea Banks is an advanced dive site only, and strong currents and large swells are regularly experienced across the reefs.

Without doubt, the major reason that scuba divers visit the Protea Banks is the opportunity to dive with the large shark species. In Protea Banks, there are regular sightings of Zambesi (Bull) Sharks, Tiger, Hammerheads, Ragged Tooth and Bronze Whalers. There are also a few sightings of Great Whites in the waters around the Protea Banks giving credence to its claim as being one of the worlds best shark dive destinations.

If you are looking for a particular species of shark, it is worthwhile doing the research first, as seasonality and location certainly come into play on this. If you are coming to Protea Banks to dive with Hammerhead Sharks, then it is best to visit around November and December, whereas March and May are the best time for sighting the notorious Zambesi (Bull) Sharks.
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