Monday, 12 November 2007

Yongala Wreck - Worlds Best Dive Sites

The Yongala Wreck is widely acknowledged as being one of the worlds best dives sites. Located approximately 60 miles south east of Townsville, on the east coast of Australia, the Yongala Wreck is well worth the long trip out to visit the wreck.
The Yongala sank in a cyclone in March 1911, and lay in just undeer 30 metres of water for approximately 60 years before she was discovered. Over time, she has become encrusted with corals, and has become home to a wide variety of marine life including queenfish, turtles and a variety of sea snakes. However, the Yongala Wreck is also notorious for the huge groupers that can often be found lingering underneath the bows at the front of the wreck. During the winter months, it is sometimes also possible to spot migrating humpback whales as they pass through these waters.

The majority of dive operators who dive the Yongala will offer a two dive day, although it should be noted that this is a dive for intermediate divers and above, and strong currents will often be experienced on and around the Yongala wreck.