Friday, 23 May 2008

More dive centres join!!!

More good news this morning, as another five dive centres went live on our new Dive Centre Database program, providing an even greater choice for our users thinking about their next scuba diving holiday.

ML Divers are based on the beautiful island of Cyprus, the home to the fantastic Zenobia Wreck dive sites. Based in the Senator Hotel in Ayia Napa, ML Divers offer a wide range of dive sites in Cyprus including Kermia Beach, Da Costa Bay, Cyclops, Green Bay and of course the Zenobia Wreck.

Aakamas Divers are based in Paphos, close to the Akamas National Park, and offer access to a number of sites in and around the Coral Bay area. They offer regular visits to sites including the Amphitheatre, Manajin Island, White River and the Stage Door.
For those of you yet to go scuba diving in Cyprus, it is worth considering, and certainly worth the trip. There are a number of excellent dive sites in and around the island of Cyprus, and a well developed and well organised diving industry has grown throughout the island.

From slightly further afield are Alor Divers, a dive centre from the stunning eco-resort on the island of Alor in Indonesia. Considered one of Indonesia's last 'frontiers,' the Alor Archipelago is undoubtedly one of Indonesia's best diving locations. In particular, the long strait between the two main islands of Alor and Pantar is a world class dive site, and a home to a spectacular variety of marine life and fauna. For more information on scuba diving in Indonesia, why not visit our main web site, where we look at all the main diving destinations throughout the region.

We will of course keep you all updated on all the new dive centres to join the Scubaworld program as they sign on. If there are any suggestions that you would like to to consider on the web site, please feel free to send suggestions through to us via the contact page on the main site.