Monday, 5 May 2008

Site Changes On

In keeping with our policy of keeping the users informed on all new changes on the website, we thought we would let you all know of a few new additions to the site, which hopefully make for better and more comprehensive reading, as well as easier navigation on and around the deeper pages of the site.

  1. New location pages have been added into the England diving pages of the site, and so now there are detailed information pages on diving in Portland Harbour, off the North East Coast of England as well as the major inland dive sites in England. A number of people have been asking us to get more information live on the opportunities for scuba diving in England, and we hope that this is a good start to helping you find the information you all need.
  2. We have also just finalised the brand new sitemap on the Scubaworld site, which gives users easy access to the deeper level pages that you are looking for. We hope that the new sitemap help you all find the information you are looking for that little bit quicker.

As always, there are many more changes to come over the next few weeks and months, and we will always keep people informed via the blog as to what is happening on the site.

We would love to hear from our users about their thoughts as to these and indeed all changes on the web site, and please email your comments to and we promise you that all comments will be read.